Outline of facilities

Title of building: Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center

Location : 55, Daebuljugeo 3-ro, Samho-eup, Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do

Outline of buildings

  • Education Research Facilities
  • Total scale and floor area 11,531㎡/Main building(5th ground level),Experiment building (1st basement level, 2nd ground level)
  • Parking lot 124 spaces
  • Outer finishing materials)granite stone, colored low-emissivity glass Internal area)Flooring:T3 polyvinyl tile, walls: Light weight partition, Ceiling:T12 rock wool sound absorbing board
  • System aircon and Total heat exchanger per facility

Main Building

Division Area(㎡) Spatial Formation
Ground level Floor 8,719.20
5th ground level 1,455.90 Leased office(10 offices), Small Conference Room
4th ground level 1,478.13 Leased office(8 offices), Small Conference Room, Shower Facilities
3rd ground level 1,539.16 Leased office(6 offices), Small Conference Room
2nd ground level 1,888.30 Center director's office, Center office, Medium Conference Room, IT training room, Resting Room, Auditorium
1st ground level 2,357.69 Lobby, Inno-Cafe, Exhibit Room, Community Livelihood Facilities(3 facilities), Cafeteria, Commissary ,R&D Equipment Room 1·2, Permanent Training Center(70 seats), Network Control Center

Experiment Building

Division Area(㎡) Spatial Formation
Ground level Floor 1,933.34
2nd ground level 887.78 Leased office(4 offices), Seminar Room, Conference Room
1st ground level 1,045.56 Machinery Processing Room, Leased office(4 offices), IT Training room, Shower Facilities

Facility Guideline

Facility Guideline