Organization chart


Organization of operation and contacts : Main number(061-460-5200), Fax(061-460-0100)

Name/Position : Bo Hwan, Kim/Center director
Tel. Number : 82-61-460-5210
Email Address :
Responsible task : In charge of all operations in the Science Technology Promotion Center
Name/Position : Yeong Jae, Jeong/Team leader
Tel. Number: 82-61-460-5220
Email Address  :
Task in charge : Support for Center construction/In charge of business operation
Name/Position : Yoon Jeong, Lee/Personnel in charge
Tel. Number: 82-61-460-5221
Email Address :
Responsible task : Management of construction and service/Lease control of facilities
Name/Position : Yeong Jin, Ahn/Senior member
Tel. Number: 82-61-460-5222
Email Address  :
Responsible task: Business operation of Science Technological Research Park/Support for corporate R&D
Name/Position : Hak Hyeong, Kim/Senior member
Tel. Number: 82-61-460-5223
Email Address :
Responsible task : Operation construction of industrial network /Business support of cultivating regional innovative workers
Name/Position : Yong Il, Park/Senior member
Tel. Number: 82-61-460-5224
Email Address :
Responsible task : Budget/Accounting/Contract/Construction business of industrial network
Name/Position : Jae Shik, Song
Tel. Number: 82-61-460-5226
Email Address :
Responsible task : Center facilities management/ Construction and operation of research equipments(R&D support)
Name/Position : Hoon Cheol, Lee
Tel. Number: 82-61-460-5227
Email Address :
Responsible task : Construction and operation of research equipments(R&D support) /corporation surveys
  Fax : 82-61-464-0110