Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center is involved in the following operations.

Construction of research infra

  • Systematic integration between the industrial·academic·research fields·Provision of cooperative infra
  • Provision of infra to develop/cultivate R&D institutes of domestic·foreign universities, corporate laboratories, support institutions, high-tech venture businesses

Planning of science technology policies

  • Plans for local science technology policies and new growth industries for the next generation
  • Policy plans for the activation of local basic researches

Research development support

  • Support for specialized local basic research development
  • Plans of research between the industrial·academics·research field and support for joint researches
  • Provision of information related to research development and operation of R&D integrated support system
  • Support of research development between industrial·academics·research field in which research equipments were applied

Science technological network

  • Operation of professional committee needed for the discovery of locally specialized industry and future industry
  • Operation of industrial·academics·research field needed for the support of local research development

Empowerment of local researches

  • Development and support of education programs for the cultivation of outstanding researchers
  • Education for entire research development and support of technological training

Application support of research equipments

  • Support of ONE-STOP equipment application of the research equipment constructed by the Center
  • Consulting support such as the operation of committee formed of research equipments professionals and implementation of testing·analysis
  • Support for joint application network of research equipments between local universities·laboratories·specialized centers

Support of technological interchange

  • Provision of opportunities to acquire technology and market information through expertise seminars and workshops related to locally specialized industries