Basis for the establishment of the Center

  • Based on Article 29 of the Science Technology Basic Law (Formation and support of the science research park and others) and Article 43 of law and protection
  • Government increased the efficiency following the systematic integration between the industrial·academic·research fields, and supported the creation or formation of science research parks in order to attract the domestic and foreign high-tech venture industries.

Important roles of the Science Research Park

  • Implementation and support of national research development business
  • Support of private technological development
  • Mutual exchange between scientists and engineers
  • Globally promoting science technology such as propelling the internationally joint researches
  • Cultivation· application of science technological workers
  • Management of knowledge·information related to science technology and National Research Development Business·Construction of distribution system
  • Advancement of research devleopment facilities·equipments

Center History

Opening of the Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center
Completion in construction of the center
Title of center is revised  (Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center )
Completion in construction of Experiment Building of Center
Commencement of construction of center and the groundbreaking ceremony
Establishment of the Science Technology Promotion Cooperation Center (Organization affiliated with the Jeonnam TP)
Establishment of the office lease system
Purchase of land for the construction of Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center
Selected as the "Promotion Business-Jeonnam Science Research Park"