Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center, the "Regional Science Technology Innovation Pole"

I would like to welcome you to the homepage of Jeonnam Techno Park-Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center.

We are living in an era where development of locally specialized high-tech industry and generation of future industries are considered more important than ever.

Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center is putting multilateral efforts to cultivate high-tech industries in Jeonnam and generate future industries through the activation of basic researches and science technological innovation for the local economical development and reinforcement of science technological competitiveness.

Additionally, various businesses are being excavated/supported so that the local corporate can develop along with the local universities, research institutions, and support institutions.

Our Center will faithfully conduct the role as the control tower of the local research development by implementing support for basic research, test/analysis support through the newest research equipments, cultivation of research development workers, and R&D planning/survey/analysis to play a pivotal role in the activation of local economy and generation of future industries.

Bo Hwan, Kim

Director of Jeonnam Science Technology Promotion Center